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art studio portfolio on the information superhighway


Sashia Azeredo


Derek Gustafson Website

Bios vs. Statements

Hey Class,

Here’s a small list of bios and art statements. Please help me expand these two lists by commenting on this post with your favorite artist’s bio and/or statements (don’t forget the links!).

Artists’ Bios:

Miranda July

The Date Farmers (scroll down for artist statement)

Peter Sagal

Artists Statements:

Ann Hamilton (click “Next” for her Bio)

Ryan Peter Myller

Nick DeFord


Save The Date: Friday, May 7th

It has been confirmed!!

IDM 194 Class Exhibit (all 4 sections) will take place on Friday, May 7th from 6 to 8 p.m.

Start spreading the word: tell your Ma, tell your Pa, your dog and cat. All students must participate.

We’ll talk about it during class.


Lego Mario

Blind Journey

Curious Laces (Derek and Lauren)

The Reel (Adventure of Alpha and Delta)

By Katie Goodwin and Sashia Azeredo

Dear John

By Chardonnay Murray and Brooke Sendele

Video Art Event – Free!

Not to be missed!

Art History anyone?

Thank you for posting your stop motion animation tests, they are looking good!

Here’s a little video for those currently enrolled in any Art History class. Lets see: who can identify all the¬†paintings¬†portrayed here?